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Katrina Porter Designs is a full service interior design studio located in Birmingham, Al.  As a design company Katrina has projects that range from designing interior spaces, to remodels, additions, and new construction. KDP encompasses all you need for what can potentially become an overwhelming process by taking her years of experience in the design world and imparting it you. Katrina has built lasting relationships with some of the best  builders, sub-contractors, furniture makers, shop owners, artists, and work rooms and bring these relationships together to create something just for you. KDP strives to make your project not only beautiful, but as streamlined and time efficient as possible. Katrina believes in approaching the design process with her clients as a collaboration. She is sure to take into account your budget and provide you with a design that meets your lifestyle and needs. Katrina aims to make your house a home that you love for years to come. 

The process 

Katrina leaves towards a custom, elegant design with modern influences. You are contemplating entrusting Katrina Porter Designs with one of your most important assets, the home. She desires to steward this gift well by being honest, anticipate what the project will bring and be conscientious with the selected design. Preserving the home and the design throughout the whole process is her top goal as a design professional. Katrina is your advocate and hopes to add value to your life through your home. With over 20 years of experience, Katrina's foresight into the renovation and new build process will not only save you time in providing the best options available, give you the peace of mind that the project is being handled in every aspect, but also save you money by alleviating costly mistakes that can easily be made. She know's the process inside and out and that exposure helps her guide you with a cohesive, classic, and seamless design from start to finish. The process occurs in three phases.  



The process - phase one

Phase one begins with a working consult. It serves as a time for you to “experience” what it would be like the work with us. It lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. During this time Katrina can guide you with paint color suggestions, room layouts, guidance on additions, guidance on renovation layouts, simple sketch designs, suggestions on product selections, plus detailed notes will be provided with everything that was discussed during our time together.  At the end of this consult Katrina hopes you find us to be a perfect pairing to move onto the next phase. Of course she understand's that not every meeting needs to progress and some just need a sort of jump start of ideas and a designated time to process with an experienced design professional. Just keep in mind during the working consult you will receive a good amount of valuable information to build on, although she will not provide KPD vendors or to scale drawings for construction plans as she will not be available to manage these relationships. The consult is $300.00. If you so choose to move forward to create a seamless design plan then we proceed to Phase 2.

The process - phase two

Phase 2; the  research, design and presentation phase. This is where Katrina thoughtfully prepare  a design plan including elevations, floor plans and product selection.  By the end of this phase she will have a package complete and ready to be submitted to builders for pricing.

The process - phase three

Phase 3 is where the project moves from paper to actuality. This is where Katrina serves as project administrator. She aid's in problem solving with the trades, order review, and all the other nitty gritty details that always occur. At the completion of the project KPD know's you will find a perfectly styled space that you are ready to call home