Selecting a Paint Color

Color selection can be daunting, I KNOW!!! Years ago when Universal Khaki (Sherwin Williams SW6150) was gaining popularity, I specified a similar color - SO I THOUGHT! The client approved, my boss at the time approved and the specifications were written and given to the painter. WELL!! I received a phone call from my boss saying, “Bring your sunglasses,” because the color looked like a sunflower on the wall. OMG!

As you can see, the two colors are hardly similar!!!

Sherwin Williams Fun Yellow

Sherwin Williams Fun Yellow

Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki

Sherwin Williams Universal Khaki

Needless to say, I no longer write paint specifications without testing the desired colors on the wall or cabinets.

Factors that can influence the appearance of a paint color:

  1. Natural light

  2. Time of day

  3. Type of lighting in the space: LED, Incandescent, etc.

  4. Other finishes in the space

  5. Brand of paint

  6. Sheen

I suggest paint be tested on large sections of the wall on various walls in the same space. If that freaks you out, then paint samples on poster board. Living with the samples for at least a week will give you a better sense of the final result.